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What does SIROS Energy buy?

We buy small and large operator AFE's, non-op working interests, mineral rights, and royalties in the Williston Basin in whole or in part from individuals, estates, and trusts.

What is a working interest?

A working interest is an interest in an oil and gas lease that gives the owner of the interest the right to drill and produce oil and gas on the leased acreage. It requires the owner to pay a share of the costs of drilling and production operations.

What is an AFE?

An Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) is a budgeting and approval form used by operators during the planning process for a well about to be drilled (and for other projects). It includes an estimate of costs to be incurred in drilling, fracturing, completing, and producing. Operators will send an AFE to all working interest owners typically 90 days before spud date.

What are mineral rights?

Mineral rights are the ownership rights of underground resources like oil, natural gas, gold, silver, copper, iron or uranium. Mineral rights differ from surface rights. Mineral rights can be bought, sold, and leased by private individuals separately from surface rights.

What are royalties?

Whenever a company begins oil and gas production, the law entitles the owner of the land to a portion of the total production. A royalty is the portion of production the landowner receives. A royalty clause in the oil or gas title process will typically give a percentage of the lease that the company pays to the owner of the mineral rights, minus production costs. Royalties are free from costs and charges, other than taxes.

Am I obligated to sell if I request a quote?

All offers from SIROS are obligation and cost-free. If you decide not to sell for any reason, feel free to contact us any time if you change your mind.

Will I have to pay fees or commissions?

There will be no surprise fees before, during, or after your transaction. VeriTek will take care of all administrative costs.

How long does it take to get paid?

We wire transfer a lump sum payment within 30 business days of a closed agreement. 


Why do I only have 48 hours to accept the offer?

Oil and gas prices fluctuate greatly, and can change the value of your property in the span of 24 hours. If you aren't ready to commit, we can give you a different offer after the two days have passed, but we can’t guarantee the offer will be the same.

Why did my neighbor get a different price for their interests?

There are many factors that account for deals. SIROS Energy software uses economic, geologic, land, and engineering formulas to evaluate your property. 

What paperwork do I have to do?

If you provide us with your previous records on our input form, we take care of the rest!

Do companies like SIROS know something I don't know? Why do you want my interests?​

Our information comes from public sites like the NDIC and DrillingInfo. We follow rig trends and permits to identify the trends of the basin. Unless a permit is posted to the public, we won't know for sure if a pad will be drilled on your land.

Do I have to sell all my interests?

No, you can sell whole or in part. Just input the amount of interest you’d like to sell into the form.

What paperwork do I have to do?

If you provide us with your previous records on our input form, we take care of the rest!

What if I have more questions?​

Email our land team at with any other questions.

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